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Nasya Treatment

Indications : deepening wrinkles, flabby face, gray hair, hair loss, loss of vision, hearing and smell, head tremors (e.g. symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease), one-sided headaches, migraines, loss of sense of taste, and in all cases where your holistic doctor recommends this recommend complementary therapy for you.

The face is massaged with cold-pressed harmonizing oil according to the body type, the facial marmas (marma points: energy nodes, “where the prana sits”) are stimulated, after which the facial cavity region is further softened in a fragrant facial sauna. Finally, we drip a few drops of tonic nasya oil into the nose, which helps the area to reach a state of balance and accompanies the cleansing phase.

We always choose the oil and materials used in harmony with your personality and the season!

Although the nasya treatment does not seem to be a really important type of treatment for the European person, we try to eliminate all the problems that we are supposed to eliminate in various institutions, such as hairdressing, ear surgery, physiotherapy, etc., for serious money. The Charaka Samhita, which is a written record of Ayurveda and also a basic work, in [Cha.Su.5 / 56-63], writes the following about nasya (I inserted the italicized parts as an explanation):

“In the time before the rainy season, in autumn and spring, when the sky is clear of clouds, an ANU TAILA cure (nose oiling cure) should be done every year for three seasons. Whoever practices nasya according to the prescribed method at the right time keeps his sight, smell and hearing intact. His hair and beard will never be white or gray; her hair does not fall out, rather it grows abundantly. Torticollis, headaches, facial paralysis, jowls, colds, hemicranias, and shaking of the head will be relieved. Nasya nourishes the cranial vessels, joints, ligaments and tendons, giving them greater strength. The face will be cheerful and full, the voice will be soft, firm and full of power, and all the senses (the senses on the head) will be purified and greatly strengthened. Diseases of the head and neck do not occur, despite the fact that the body ages. The effect of senility does not affect the head. [Cha.Su.5 / 56-63] “

Therefore, it helps to avoid the graying of hair and beard , the causes of hair loss disappear , improves vision , hearing , smell and taste , reduces head tremors (e.g. symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease). According to the article, the one-sided headache, crooked neck and loss of sense of taste (which is one of the accompanying symptoms of the coronavirus according to reports) all remain below with the use of nasya performed at the right time and regularly.

The responsible basic thinking of our Ayurveda is that if such serious diseases make your everyday life difficult, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, you should first contact your allopathic and/or Ayurvedic doctor and, in agreement with him, honor us by using our services as a complementary therapy. Nasya is easy to learn if you follow a few basic rules. In the long run, it is worth making it a part of everyday life, your body will definitely thank you for those few drops of oil and churna (plant powder) at the right time. Nasya is an integral part of the Ayurvedic routine, which is called din-charya. If you would like us to do this for you, in harmony with the above, we look forward to hearing from you!

Contraindications can be accessed by clicking here.

In order to best adapt this treatment to your needs, you can use it in several packages.

The mini package includes steaming the face, oiling the sinuses, accompanying the emptying phase (recommended in addition to our other massages). The medium package includes facial palm stimulation, facial steaming, sinus oiling and accompanying the emptying phase (recommended from the third time).
The complete package includes the full treatment described above (we recommend this if you come to us ONLY for a nasya).

The premium package includes a 20-minute steam sauna in addition to the full package.

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