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Patra Potali Treatment

Indications : sedation, in case of physical numbness, markedly stiff joints and muscles, feeling of coldness and heaviness in the limbs, frozen shoulder, stiff waist, tennis elbow, stiff neck, facial paralysis, closed mouth, calcified vertebrae, spondylosis, and in all cases where your holistic doctor recommends this complementary therapy for you.

Your entire body will be treated with a warm oil massage, then we will support the youthful flexibility and pain-freeness of the joints and skin with fragrant warm herbal balls. We always choose the oil and materials used in harmony with your personality and the season!

The warming procedures used at the end of the Ayurvedic treatments, which follow the full body massage with abundant oil, are collectively called snigdha sweda. These sudation (therapeutic sweating) techniques serve to liquefy the ama released during the massage and channeled towards the excretory organ system. AMA is a term used in Ayurveda. This is a summary name for the totality of substances that have not been excreted from the body during cellular activity. These can be the remains of undigested food, or accumulations of substances caused by environmental damage, such as tar in the lungs or substances stored in the nodules of the orange skin. The Charaka Samhita (one of the remaining written records containing Ayurvedic knowledge) mentions 13 such techniques, of which 4 types can be comfortably used by guests in order to harmonize the body, soul and spirit. One of these is the pattra pottali. So, after the full-body massage, we distribute, tap, rub, and press the balls and sticks filled with previously prepared plants, keeping them warm, on your body. The sweating treatment is used to remove excess vata (space and ether element) and kapha (earth and water element). It is contraindicated for people suffering from a strong pitta (fire element) imbalance, so we always try to exclude this when checking in. As an example, I mention a high fever (because the connection is easy to understand), which is a real rebellion of the body, to use the pun of the Hungarian language. In this case (high pitta dosa for any reason) this treatment should definitely be avoided, instead another procedure is needed. What good is this basically very pleasant rite?

Treats sedation, dullness (invigorates the body), dissolves stiffness in the joints and muscles of the body, removes the feeling of coldness and heaviness. More specifically, it is used for frozen shoulder syndrome, stiff back, tennis elbow, stiff neck, facial paralysis, mouth closure, pain caused by calcified vertebrae , spondylosis . In the case of a body with combined complaints, the areas with different imbalances are treated with pottali of different composition, if we are informed about this at check-in.

If you feel that this treatment would most help you feel comfortable in your body, then we look forward to seeing you! If our love for Ayurveda and too much information made you unsure of your choice, write or call us and we will help you with suggestions!

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