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Shiro Abhyanga Treatment

Indications : in case of tension that causes complaints in the head, to relieve stress, to calm down tremors, in case of facial nerve bags, against insomnia, if you work in front of a monitor and overload your senses on your head (the typical complaint is neck pain, dry eyes or tearing), if you have complaints about your hairy scalp (hair loss , psoriasis, dandruff, greasiness, hair breakage), to relieve migraine headaches, as well as in all cases where your holistic doctor recommends this complementary therapy.

Treat and massage your upper body with pleasantly warm oil from your shoulder blades to the top of your head. We always choose the oil and materials used in harmony with your personality and the season!

This therapy is the first part of the full body oiling called abhyanga. Shiro means head, which is why the massage begins on the scalp with plenty of warm oil dripping, then continues with smoothing, rubbing and light tapping movements. The sensation of warm oil dripping on the head and scalp results in an extremely soothing, meditative state. It significantly calms the nervous system. When we do this, our guests, without exception, become quiet and visibly turn their attention inward. The therapist sits the guest on a chair, wrapped in a fragrant, snow-white warm towel. After that, we perform further movements on a heated massage bed. The areas of the body treated: scalp, face, neck, shoulder girdle, upper third of the back, arms up to the elbows. The entire therapy is characterized by the abundant use of oil, which the therapist applies to the guest’s body in a ritualistic hand gesture. This is important because the operator and the person being treated and the oil used are also connected and attuned to each other at the subtle physical level. The therapist maps the tense, knotted areas of the body through the grips and relieves them with repeated smoothing movements. During the rite, depending on the guest’s sensitivity (which we inform you about verbally in advance), we use incense, mostly sandalwood, but myrrh and frankincense can also be recommended. If you don’t like smoke, we can use a candle to add essential oils to the air, thereby helping to achieve the ultimate goal of the treatment: perfect relaxation, which results in the body’s natural healing processes turning on by themselves. During the therapy, soft music is played, which is also carefully selected music that helps the harmony of body, soul and mind. We primarily recommend healing raga and gandharva veda music suitable for the time of day, but we also try to meet individual needs. We refrain from bright lights until the last minute of the steam treatment, unless part of the therapy is to strengthen the eyes and for this we keep a ghee lamp in focus. This treatment is recommended if: you are tense, against stress, struggle with insomnia, work in front of a monitor, if you have scalp complaints (hair loss, psoriasis, dandruff, greasiness, hair breakage), migraine headaches,

It can also help in the following combined cases:

– In case of burning-dry eye syndrome, visual impairment , or eye discharge , it is recommended to choose the more extensive version of netra basti instead of this therapy (detailed description in the treatment).

– The shiroabhyanga (oily upper body massage) is the pre-treatment of the shirodhara therapy (detailed description in the treatment), which means continuous dripping of oil on the forehead for about 30 minutes, which, due to its effect on the central nervous system, we consider extremely important in the treatment of various tremor- related diseases such as for example , tickling, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease. In addition to oil, this trickle can also be done with milk and other concoctions as needed (dosha condition).

-Furthermore, we introduce urobasti (detailed description in the treatment) therapy for complaints affecting the chest area ( heart muscle nutrition, lung deposits, cough, anxiety ) with this massage.

If you feel that this treatment, on its own or in any combination, is beneficial to your health based on what has been described, you can use the button below to find out about available appointments. We love Ayurveda, so sometimes we get carried away with the descriptions, if this is the case, call us and we will correct this “mistake”. We look forward to seeing you!

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