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Pada Abhyanga Treatment

Indications : cold feet effect, stiff toes, tight joints, shrunken tendons, bunions, bony growths and pain caused by various excess substances, eye and vision problems, leg pain caused by changes in bones and ligaments, and in all cases where your holistic doctor recommends this complementary therapy for you.

We pamper your feet with pleasantly warm oil. We conclude the therapy with a warm milky foot bath, herbal steam or a warm moist steam bath. We always choose the oil and materials used in harmony with your personality and the season!

Padabhyanga is Ayurvedic foot massage. It is performed from the knees down in a lying position on a heated massage bed, so the relaxation is even more complete. The projections of our internal organs can be found on our feet. The feet reveal the overall state of health of the body, if lumps, nodules, calluses, bone growths or sensitive areas surface during the massage, these should be observed. The shape, location and quality of the nails also speak volumes. That is why its role is very important and results are achieved if the foot massage is performed with the right oil. In our case, this treatment is usually carried out with cold-pressed vegetable oils, which are 100% natural and the following four claims are true: no artificial dyes, no artificial fragrances, no additives, and no parabens. No animal experiments were performed during their production. Examples include sesame, almond, coconut, mustard seed and pumpkin seed oils. The choice of material is always justified by existing complaints, which is why we like to be able to inform you in a few words about your needs, difficulties, and complaints that affect the treated area. Without claiming to be exhaustive, Ayurvedic literature recommends padabhyanga in the following cases: it helps with the cold feet effect , stiff legs , tight joints , and shrunken tendons . Soothes the pain caused by the cam . There are 2*7 marma points on the legs (including the knees). Fourteen of the 108 vital points that are the nodes of the body’s energy system fall here (literally, marma: where prana sits). This is a significant part of the total number and these are all touched and toned during padabhyanga. This gentle treatment provides an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic changes on a physical, mental and spiritual level by invigorating the connection in the body’s energy pathway. People are often unable to step out of their comfort zone for a variety of reasons. If you have the opportunity to use a full-body marma treatment, then you start taking positive risks. If this is exactly what you need, but you don’t have time for a full body massage with us right now, try this treatment that can be easily incorporated into your daily rush!

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