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Udvartana​ Treatment

Indications : to increase circulation, in case of lethargy, feeling of heaviness in the evening, if there is massive stubborn pain all over the body (non-migratory), in case of strong-smelling sweat, to break down cellulite, enlarged skin poles, in case of a heavily oily shiny skin surface, toning of sagging tissue after or during heavy weight loss , as well as in all cases where your holistic doctor recommends this complementary therapy to you. (It is worth choosing a pass)

We treat it with herbal powder, massage its entire body, and then use herbal steam to help it penetrate into the deeper layers. We always choose the oil and materials used in harmony with your personality and the season!

The word udwartana means to move something upwards. This massage is performed from the bottom up, not only in terms of the body landscape, but also in the direction of the movement opposite to the growth of the hairs.

We distinguish between two types of this type of massage: the oil-paste type (will soon be available at our store) and the dry type, which you can experience in this treatment. It is true that in the vast majority of cases a massage with plenty of oil is essential, but in some cases a dry massage is much more useful and desirable, you can read about it in the following. When is it most recommended? In winter, when kapha dosa takes over in nature. In Hungary, this period lasts from November to March. In practice, what happens is that your whole body is rubbed for a long time with a special plant powder and a special silk glove. The improving effect of the circulation on the surface tissue can already be felt during the therapy . The guest often feels the need to use the bathroom at halftime and at the end before the steam therapy. This shows that there was a lot of stagnant fluid in the body and now it is releasing it. In Ayurvedic terms, the water element of the overactive kapha dosha leaves at this time. Abnormal fluid retention in the body is reduced. The body’s general pains and stiffness decrease , it becomes energetic, lethargy and depression disappear. It is the Kapha imbalance that results in a lethargic state of mind. Due to the rubbing, the massage has a slightly abrasive effect on the dermis, so the skin surface will be smooth. Excessive and strong body odor and sweat are normalized . Metabolism is activated. Excessive fatty tissue becomes liquefied, so cellulite is eliminated and disappears. (This requires several treatments like a cure, so we recommend viewing our current pass discount.)

Cellulite is not registered in Ayurveda as an aesthetic problem, so to speak, but as a result of an imbalance An unbalanced (usually) kapha dosha, under the influence of a weak digestive fire (with agni), results in an excessive accumulation of toxins (amak), which creates cellulite in the tissue (among other symptoms). Thus, the pores of the skin are effectively cleaned and the dead skin cells are removed . The skin surface is freed from minor irregularities. The flabbiness of the skin tissue is reduced, which means that it visibly tightens and increases muscle tone.

The rubbing technique is followed by 20 minutes of steam therapy in the swedana cabin, which is an essential part of this treatment, as during the process we very actively break down the toxins trapped in the body. Steam therapy takes care of this.

For marked results, several coordinated treatments are required. Depending on the complaint, we always recommend lifestyle changes that, in addition to therapy, can be easily and pleasantly introduced into everyday life. If you are ready to let go, so that instead of the many accumulated materials, you will have something much more wonderful (plenty of compliments, lightness, good mood, glowing skin), we look forward to welcoming you!

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