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Netra Basti Treatment

Indications :eye fatigue, dark spots in the field of vision, eye stiffness, eye dryness, eyelashes falling off, blurred vision, feeling of difficulty in opening and closing the eyes, V. cranial nerve disorders, swollen eyes, eye vata (air and ether element) and pitta (fire and water elements) in case of imbalance

According to the Vedic scriptures, the head is an organ on the body and the sense organs sit on it. We process the world view through the eyes, in other words, we digest what we see for our internal data storage. The sparkle in the eye refers to the fire, which reveals the sharp edge. The Hungarian language also preserves this connection that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, the eyes are considered the most important of the senses. Netra basti or tarpana, which is also considered as an eye wellness treatment, is done in the following picture: we build a dough wall two finger minutes high around your eyes. Then we ask him to close his eyes and we pour lukewarm ghee into the pool. Ghee is a substance traditionally used in Ayurveda, which is an oil in texture, produced by further refining butter. At certain times, we ask him to move his eyes in certain directions and to blink rapidly, and then let him rest. The duration of the treatment depends on the dosha of the eye disorder, i.e. whether it shows an imbalance caused by ether-air or fire-water elements. Afterwards, the ghee is removed and a gentle face massage follows in the nerve regions of the eyes. After that, we ask you to rest a little more. The final rite of the procedure is to light dhoomapana (the smoke of a mixture of spices) and you continue to relax in its space. After that, we ask you to avoid bright lights and not to do strenuous physical work during the day.

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