• Consumer: Any individual purchasing, ordering, receiving, or using goods outside their trade, business, or profession, or targeted by product-related communications.
  • Complaint: A request for redress regarding an individual right or interest, not subject to other procedures, possibly including proposals.
  • Service: Any activity conducted for consideration, aiming for specific results or conduct to satisfy customer or employer needs, excluding product sales.
  • Conciliation Body: A registered entity resolving consumer disputes via alternative dispute resolution methods, as per the Consumer Protection Act.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Reservation:
    • Services can be booked in-person or via phone, with confirmation through email or SMS.
    • Electronic booking is available for consultations and Vedic astrology exclusively with Laxman Singh.
  2. Participation in Treatments and Consultations:
    • Guests must arrive punctually; late arrivals result in shortened treatment times.
    • Company reserves the right to refuse service to intoxicated individuals.
    • Guests must disclose any medical changes or conditions beforehand.
    • Compliance with Retreat House rules is mandatory.
  3. Payment and Cancellation:
    • Payments can be made on-site or in advance, with no cash refunds for cancellations.
  4. Purchase of Gift Cards:
    • Gift cards are redeemable for specific services within a year, purchasable in person only.

Brahma Loyalty Program:

  1. Program Purpose:
    • Loyalty program allowing consumers to earn bonuses for future purchases.
  2. Participation Terms:
    • Registration-free program; bonuses credited after the initial purchase or notification.
  3. Bonus Redemption:
    • Bonuses can only be redeemed as per the Terms and Conditions.

Provisions on Complaint Handling:

  1. Purpose of the Rules:
    • Clarifies principles and procedures for handling complaints arising from services.
  2. Handling Complaints:
    • Verbal complaints are addressed immediately, while written ones are responded to within 30 days.
    • Consumers have the right to resort to conciliation bodies or legal measures if dissatisfied.

Product Complaints:

  • Detailed explanations of warranty and product guarantee rights provided.

Final Provisions:

  • Matters not covered by the GTC will adhere primarily to Act V of 2013.