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Indications : if you are averse to using oil on your whole body, if you don’t have much time but want to recharge, in case of tension that causes complaints in the head, eye and vision problems, for stress relief, to calm tremors, against insomnia, to relieve migraine headaches, cold hands leg effect, stiff fingers, tight joints, shrunken tendons, cams, bone growth and pain in the limbs caused by various excess substances, as well as in all cases where your holistic doctor recommends this complementary therapy.

With this treatment, we also thought of our fellow humans who feel tense in incomplete clothing . For those who find it difficult to accept touch . This is great therapy for them to expand their boundaries if it no longer supports them on their journey.

The organs of the body are projected onto the human hands and feet, so when we give them a warm oil treatment, they affect your entire body . A significant part of the body’s 108 marmas (vital points) are located on the limbs and during the massage they are touched thanks to the strokes. We involve the hands from the wrists and the legs from the knees into the massage. As in all Ayurvedic therapies, the treatment is concluded with a warming procedure, which in this case covers a wet poultice. We always choose the oil and materials used in harmony with your personality and the season!

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